In the good ole summer thyme!

Supplies needed:

Muslin-9.5" x 12.5"
Dmc# 310-black floss (use 2 strands)

Acrylic Paints:
Apple spice by Folkart
Midnight Blue by Delta
Forest Green by Americana
Marigold by Americana

Trace the pattern onto your muslin block with a wash out marker. If you don't have a light box to use to trace your pattern, tape the pattern to a bright sunny window, center your muslin over it and trace. Backstitch all but the eye of the chicken with black floss. The eye was done using a French knot. Once you have stitched everything, make a very strong cup of instant unsweetened tea. Place your stitchery in the tea and soak overnight. Wring out the excess tea and scorch with an old iron to set the stain. I painted my model using acrylic paints and a very dry brush. You can use crayons to add some color as well. If you choose to use paint, make sure to blot the brush well on a paper towel. You might want to practice first too! The process is simple, dip your brush into full strength paint..Blot on a paper towel until the brush is "dry". Color in the lines, just like we did in kindergarten. Frame as desired.

Paint key:
Comb, waddle, tail, 3 stripes on flag-apple spice
Beak and stars-marigold
U.S.A. banner and large square on flag-midnight blue
Wing and leaves-forest green

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